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GInI Announces Partnership with UMI for New Innovation Labs
  • GInI Partnership with UMI for New Innovation Labs
Project Description

GInI | Global Innovation Institute ( and UMI | Unlimited Media Instruments ( have joined forces to support the design and construction of GInI-accreditation-ready Innovation Labs.

 Under this partnership, UMI will design and build new Innovation Labs that conform to GInI’s world-leading criteria for GInI Accredited Innovation Lab® - AInL®.

Whenever an organization retains UMI to design their Innovation Lab, UMI will apply GInI’s unique Innovation Lab design principles.  These ensure the Lab is capable of allowing the organization to extract the greatest possible value for optimal Innovation results. Moreover, by doing this, once the organization begins using the new Innovation Lab productively, it will be more prepared to achieve GInI Accredited Innovation Lab® status - a very coveted designation.

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  • Date 01 Nov 2020
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