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Meet GInIs Newly Expanded Board of Advisors
  • GInI's Newly Expanded Board of Advisors
Project Description

GInI is pleased to announce the addition of several new members to its Board of Advisors. Hailing from around the world, each of these Board Members are global thought leaders in their own right. They represent the entire spectrum of Innovation practice from across Industry, Academia, Consulting, and Software. Many of these Board Members are highly-sought-after authors, speakers, and leaders in Innovation.

Each of these Board Members has made a firm commitment to helping Global Innovation Institute remain at the forefront of thought leadership in business innovation. They each contribute insights and material to GInI's certification and accreditation programs, as well as work to ensure the Institute is being promoted globally. With these new additions, GInI has, by far, the most well-respected and high-impact Board of Advisors of any Innovation organization in the world. Please join us in congratulating each of these individuals for their commitment to, and involvement with, Global Innovation Institute, as well as their own globally-recognized achievements in the field of innovation.

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  • Date 20 Jan 2020
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