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Michigan PPM Best Practices Tour 2019
  • Michigan PPM Best Practices Tour 2019
Project Description

On Thursday, November 21st, Mr. Anthony Mills, Executive Director of GInI, will be speaking at the University of Michigan for the Michigan PPM Best Practices Tour 2019, produced by Plansiware. The subject of Mr. Mills' talk - entitled "What's the Half-Life of Your Strategy" - will be long-term strategic planning and portfolio management. In this talk, Mr. Mills shows how that the answer to the dilemma of exponential change and erroneous planning assumptions lies in re-framing the business' philosophy about the future and about the role it needs to play in that future, as well as re-framing its whole strategic planning process to be far more agile, responsive, and intentional - to a true market leader model, which has significant implications for the strategies and portfolios it will need to pursue in the future.

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  • Date 22 Oct 2020
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