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Business Accreditation

GInI's Businesses Accreditation Program awards seven different accreditations to business organizations. Four of these involve a comprehensive assessment process conducted by GInI Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInAs). The other three involve an application process, one of which is to be attested by a GInI Authorized Innovation Assessor (AInA)®. These seven accreditations are:

Innovation Endorsement (InE)®


Endorsement of an innovation by GInI is GInI’s recognition of a specific, individual innovation that a business has conceived and implemented, as measured by that innovation’s value and actual business impact. Endorsement thus serves as a means of validating the business’ efforts and outcomes without requiring it to reveal confidential details to the public.


Endorsement of an innovation by GInI signifies that the innovation has not only satisfied the qualification requirements set by GInI, but just as importantly, has demonstrated its true merit as an innovation on the basis of its actual adoption, usage, and business impact, delivering value where none existed previously. Thus irrespective of whatever acclaim, recognition, and/or financial success it might have otherwise achieved, the innovation is recognized for its real business impact. Since not every purported “innovation” meets GInI’s strict qualifications, having one’s innovation endorsed by GInI is an honorable achievement.

GInI offers three tiers of endorsement based on the type of innovation and the scope of effort associated with executing it. These are:

Tier 1: Internal Process Innovations – innovations internal to the business; these do not result in new market offerings.

Tier 2: Value Capture Innovations – extensions of current offerings to enable the business to capture greater market share.

Tier 3: Value Creation Innovations – delivery of completely new offerings to grow the business beyond its current core.

In general, higher tier innovations by their very nature require more effort and more investment to achieve than do lower tier innovations. These higher tier innovations also represent the greatest risk/reward profile. They are therefore rarer and thus more prestigious.

In order for a business’ innovation to be endorsed by GInI, it must:

If an innovation can meet these four qualifications, then it is eligible for endorsement.

GInI Innovation Endorsements are valid for the life of the innovation and never expire.

What Organizations Should Apply?


GInI places no restrictions on the nature or type of business that may apply for an Innovation Endorsement. The business can be in the private or public sector, privately-held or publicly-traded, for-profit or not-for-profit, SME or MNC, and so forth. The business may even be a sole proprietorship. What is important is the nature of the innovation and the details of its conception, definition, development, and deployment, regardless of who or what the business is behind it. Accordingly, GInI does not discriminate on the basis of any factor relating to the business itself.


The GInI Innovation Endorsement is intended for actual, real innovations that a business conceived, defined, developed, and deployed into real-world usage. The nature of these innovations can range widely – from innovative new internal processes and/or process changes, to innovative improvements in existing offerings, to radical, breakthrough innovations never ever seen before. All of these are fair subjects for endorsement so long as they meet the qualification requirements set forth by GInI.
Endorsement signifies that the business involved is the one who has conceived, defined, developed, and deployed the innovation.
Endorsement further signifies that the innovation involved has demonstrated its true merit on the basis of actual adoption, usage, and business impact, delivering value where none had existed previously.
Endorsement is an honorable achievement given that not every purported “innovation” meets GInI’s strict qualifications.
Endorsement is an excellent means for a business to demonstrate to the world how effective its innovation efforts have been, and by association, how innovative of a business it is.
Endorsement Qualification

In order for a business’ innovation to qualify for endorsement by GInI, it must meet all four of the following criteria:

The Assessment Process

In order for a business’ innovation to achieve endorsement by GInI, the business must successfully complete the following seven-steps:

Once granted, GInI Innovation Endorsements are valid for the life of the innovation. Therefore no maintenance or renewal efforts are required to maintain the endorsement.

There is a one-time Administrative Processing Fee of 1,000 USD to apply for a GInI Innovation Endorsement, payable to GInI. This does not include the fees the business will pay to the AInP for conducting the Innovation Endorsement Application process.