Exclusive GInI Webinar with Alejandro Cremades on Selling Your Startup

Exclusive GInI Webinar with Alejandro Cremades on Selling Your Startup

Whether you’re an Entrepreneur or a Corporate Innovator, you’ve probably always wondered what goes on in the sale of a startup to another organization.  What do (or should) those deal terms look like, and how can Founders and early Investors come away with the best possible deal?


Join us in this exclusive GInI webinar featuring Mr. Alejandro Cremades, seasoned startup investment professional and author of the new book Selling Your Startup, as he pulls back the curtain for us and reveals everything about this type of startup exit.


Alejandro will address such key points as:

  • How to get your startup acquired.
  • The acquisition process.
  • Acquirer expectations.
  • Why most acquisitions fail.
  • How to plan ahead for an acquisition.
  • Preparing your pitchbook.
  • Getting your finances in order.
  • Understanding your startup’s valuation.
  • Building your target list.
  • Communicating with prospective acquirers.
  • Getting to the Letter of Intent.
  • Negotiating the sell price.
  • The role of Investment Bankers in the process.
  • Working through due diligence.
  • Avoiding killing the deal.
  • Closing the deal.
  • Transitioning.
  • And more.


You won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity to learn these powerful insights into the startup world – insights you won’t learn anywhere else.


Tune in and learn more – Wednesday, September 22d at 11:00 AM Eastern Time


Register today: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/170137805757


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09 September 2021


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