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GInI Membership

GInI membership lets you become part of a very unique organization, a society dedicated to all the brilliant and innovative minds out there, a place that brings together people and ideas, and a lab to conceive, create, test, experiment, and succeed. Being a member gives you exclusive access to incredible networking opportunities and member-only roundtable events. You will constantly have access to all of GInI’s blogs, forums, articles, publications, and news relating to the field of innovation. You will also gain access to special pricing and discounts on GInI’s certifications, exams, events, renewals, publications, online assessment tools, and other resources. No other organization delivers the caliber of community and resources that GInI does.


Membership Benefits

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1 - Network With Leading
Innovators From Around
the World
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2 - Help Form and Run
Dedicated Innovation
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3 - Be a Part of Making
World History
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4 - Discounted Pricing on
the GInI Applied
Innovation Master Book
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5 - Discounted Pricing on
GInI’s Certification Exams
and Renewals
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6 - 50% Discount on The
Other Side of Growth book
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7 - Free and Discounted
Intellectual Property
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8 - Access to GInI’s
Proprietary Innovation
Models and Frameworks
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9 – Access to the
Worldwide Innovation
Network (WIN) platform
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10 - Access to the Most Up-
to-Date Innovation
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11 - Access to GInI’s
Proprietary Organizational
Self-Assessment Tool
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12 - Discounted Pricing on
GInI’s Exclusive Innovation
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13 - Freely Use GInI’s Logos
and Badges
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14 - Access to GInI’s Annual
Salary Survey
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15 - Access to GInI's
Exclusive Research
Findings and Reports
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16 - Access to GInI's Member-Only Articles, White Papers, and Case Studies
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17 - Become Eligible for GInI's Coveted Innovation Awards
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18 - Access to GInI's Ideas Box