GInI Applied Innovation Master Book

The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book is the world’s most comprehensive reference book in the field of applied business innovation. It was written by experienced industry thought leaders for working professionals needing to understand the diverse array of concepts associated with business innovation. It presents these concepts in a way that working professionals can understand and apply in the context of their own work, as well as of the entirety of innovation practice. This allows these concepts to be used effectively at each and every level of the organization.

Because the mission of the book is to empower innovation across the entire business enterprise, it is structured in a way that first presents the foundational knowledge of business innovation, and then examines the respective work of Innovation Professionals, Innovation Managers, Innovation Specialists, Innovation Strategists, and Chief Innovation Officers – allowing each role to work together effectively for the benefit of an organization’s overall innovation efforts.

This structure also permits the book to be applied to an individual’s professional career, serving as a key career advancement tool as they progress through varying stages of their career.

The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book stands alone as the single most comprehensive resource available on how to drive innovation effectively inside the business enterprise. In fact, it is the only book of its kind in the world – a book presenting comprehensive coverage of all innovation topics, beginning with the most tactical (innovation at the individual and team levels) and moving up to the most strategic (innovation at the corporate level). As such, it brings to life everything that working professionals, managers, directors, and executives need to know to structure and drive ongoing, systematic innovation inside the enterprise – what is known as Innovation 2.0.

What makes the AInMB so incredibly effective is its unique, role-based structure. By presenting each set of topics in this manner – as a logical progression corresponding to the working roles of the organization – the AInMB serves as an invaluable resource for any working professional, anywhere, seeking to understand their unique role in the practice of innovation – as well as prepare for their next level of leadership in the world of innovation. No other resource does this.

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Publisher: GInI | Global Innovation Institute
ISBN-13: 97-06-9289-152-0
Format: Hardcover / colored pages
Length: 856 pages
Shipping Weight: 2.4 kg / 7.3 lb
Book Dimensions: 28.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 5.0 cm
Shipping Courier: DHL Express

The Following Is The Structure And Outline Of The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book:

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Each copy of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book is serialized. The serial number can be found on a scratch card affixed to the inside front cover of the book. Exam registrants must enter this serial number on the Exam Registration Form whenever applying to take a GInI certification exam, confirming their private ownership of a copy of the book.

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