Application Audit

GInI periodically audits a percentage of applications to verify the applicant’s experience and educational credentials. The purpose of these audits is to maintain the credibility of GInI’s certification program and thus of GInI’s certification holders. For each certification, a specified percentage of applicants are randomly selected for this audit.

If your application is selected for audit, you will be notified by email after payment of your Exam Enrollment Fee has been received. The electronic audit notification will provide detailed information on how to comply with the terms of the audit. During an audit, you will be asked to submit supporting documentation such as:

  1. Copies of your diploma, and/or a global equivalent.
  2. A letter of experience signed by your supervisor(s) or manager(s) on your company’s letterhead.

GInI offers up to 90 days to submit the requested documentation. Once you have provided the necessary documents to satisfy the requirements of the audit process, the audit should take approximately five to seven business days to complete.

You are to send the completed audit forms and requested documents by postal mail to the following address:

Global Innovation Institute

Attn: Certification Audit Department

77 Monroe Center St. NW, Suite 600

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

GInI will not accept faxed or emailed audit documents. Please send all materials together in one envelope so as to expedite the auditing process.

GInI retains the original documents according to its internal auditing procedures. Audit materials are held in strict confidence and are not shared with any third parties unless so required through legal action involving GInI.

Should an applicant choose not to complete the audit process, it will be considered a failed audit due to noncompliance. In such cases the Exam Enrollment Fee, minus a 100 USD Processing Fee, will be refunded to the applicant. An applicant may reapply after one year, at which time a new application and payment must be submitted and the application will then be subject to a re-audit.

An applicant may not continue with the certification process until they have complied with all audit requirements and the audit has been completed. Incomplete submissions will not be processed and will result in a failed audit. In such cases the Exam Enrollment Fee, minus a 100 USD Processing Fee, will be refunded to the applicant. GInI’s Certification Department will address further actions on a case-by-case basis.