GInI Authorized Growth Venture Assessor (AGVA)® is GInI's recognition of individuals who have met GInI’s standard for being capable of undertaking GInI’s Innovation-Driven-Growth Readiness & Performance Assessment – so done for small and medium-sized business ventures seeking to attain accreditation with GInI as a GInI Certified Innovative Growth Venture – or CInGV®.

GInI duly authorizes AGVAs to undertake these assessments on behalf of GInI, and for the sake of these SME business ventures – in each case working with, and under the authority of, a GInI Authorized Training and Assessment Provider (ATAP) ® or a GInI Authorized University Provider (AUP) ®.

For reference, Certified Innovative Growth Venture (CInGV) is the only GInI accreditation assessment that AGVAs are authorized to perform on behalf of GInI; all other accreditation assessments must be performed by a GInI Authorized Innovation Assessor, or AInA. For more on AInA certification, refer to AInA Certification.

GInI AGVAs – together with GInI AInAs – are the only individuals authorized by GInI to undertake GInI’s Innovation-Driven-Growth Readiness & Performance Assessment. Business ventures seeking to attain CInGV accreditation with GInI must have this assessment conducted and submitted by an independent third-party AGVA or AInA in good standing with GInI. This allows GInI to enforce a standard of quality and excellence, by ensuring that all CInGV assessments are being conducted at the highest level of competence, objectivity, uniformity, and transparency.


Become Part of an Exclusive Group Authorized Only by GInI

Certification by Global Innovation Institute (GInI) as an Authorized Growth Venture Assessor (AGVA)® places you in a highly exclusive class of service provider. GInI’s AGVAs are widely recognized as having the knowledge, skills, and capabilities associated with high-growth, high-impact business ventures and therefore as being fully qualified to objectively and unbiasedly administer GInI’s Innovation-Driven-Growth Readiness & Performance Assessment for SME business ventures.

Become Recognized as a Knowledge Leader in the World of High-Growth Business Ventures

Gain A Clear Competitive Advantage In The Marketplace

With the growing demand for CInGV accreditations from GInI, the demand for AGVA services will continue to grow as well. AGVAs have the opportunity, therefore, to spend considerable time undertaking both formal CInGV accreditation assessments and select pre-assessments. Moreover, they can leverage their unique skills and knowledge as an AGVA for a broad range of growth and innovation consulting engagements. Both of these represent profitable new activities for the AGVA.

Promote the Economic Development of Your Region of the World

By establishing yourself as an Authorized Growth Venture Assessor, you come to be in a position to encourage and influence numerous business ventures in your nation and region to pursue accreditation as a CInGV®. As you are able to influence an increasing number of business ventures to pursue this accreditation, you contribute to raising the overall level of innovation capabilities in your part of the world. This in turn holds the potential for paying back significantly to the economic development and prosperity of that region.


Step 1- Meet the exam eligibility requirements:

To be eligible to register for the AGVA certification exam, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold a university degree at the Bachelors or higher level.
  2. Have at least two (2) years of professional working experience – either in industry, academia, or government.
  3. Hold active certification with GInI as a CInP®, CInS®, or CCInO®.

Step 2- Choose your Learning Path:

At GInI, we provide two comprehensive learning options to cater to your preferences:

  1. Self-Study: Upon acquiring the AInMB, you can seamlessly prepare for the exam at your preferred pace.
  2. Instructor-Led Learning: Opt for additional guidance by enrolling in a course offered by one of our accredited providers in your vicinity.

Step 3– Apply For and Pass the AGVA Examination:

The AGVA exam is a 60-minute examination with 50 multiple-choice questions and a passing score of 75%.

Step 4– Complete An AGVA Apprenticeship (Optional But Recommended)

After receiving their official AGVA certification – and prior to conducting their first solo assessment – it is highly recommended that new AGVAs do either of the following (to the extent possible):

  1. shadow a current AGVA on at least one onsite assessment and review that assessment’s resultant CInGVAR.
  2. conduct their first assessment under the supervision and guidance of a current AGVA.
  3. both of these – as the more co-assessments a new AGVA can do, the better they will be able to learn the intricate details of the CInGV assessment process.


To maintain your AGVA certification, you must earn 50 Innovation Development Units (IDUs) every three years, or sit for the GInI AGVA Certification Exam again. Detailed information can be found under Maintain Your Certificate.


The AInMB has taught me how to build a culture and a place of innovation in any organization.


Abdulla Mohammed Naqi

Support Services Sector Adviser

“GInI’s training provides a formal foundation for shared vocabulary and the process of innovation, channeling creativity to breakthrough market solutions.”


Adam Hartung

CEO and Managing Partner at Spark Partners

The AInMB has helped me change the way I think about designing services to suit our customers.


Adel Al Yahmadi

Customer Service Agent at TRA

GInI AInMB taught me how to drive innovation culture and how to be a true innovation catalyst for my bank. It is not just a book but a reference that I can use for years to come.


Ayman Abualsunun

Digital Innovation Analyst at Riyad Bank

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Basela Islim

DGM and Sales Manager at Petra Scientific Technologies L.L.C

I am deeply appreciative of the thoroughness and the amount of thought that has gone into the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book.


Bettina von Stamm

Director of Awards Program at Katerva

“I love that the GInI AInMB is full of really useful tools, as well as information on when and how to use them. I highly recommend it to anyone embracing the topic of innovation.”


Bettina von Stamm

Director of Awards Program at Katerva

The AInMB leverages thinking from thought leaders to bring you the best practices for building capabilities across all the major elements of a proper innovation foundation


Braden Kelley

International Keynote Speaker / Design Thinking Facilitator / Bestselling Author

The essential processes and disciplines of successful innovation have never been formalized in such a complete and valuable way until GInI’s AInMB.


Bryan Mattimore

Co-Founder at Growth Engine

“The AInMB can be used as a resource for innovation process trainers, Chief Innovation Officers, and thought leaders.”


Bryan Mattimore

Co-Founder at Growth Engine

The Global Innovation Institute is highly considered in academia and business. It is exciting and humbling to be involved.


Dr. Justin James Kennedy

TEDx Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Public Speaking Coach

The GInI AInMB is the most complete reference guide out there on innovation. It contains everything the modern Chief Innovation Officer and Innovation Manager need to know.


Dr. Marc Sniukas

Head of the Innovation Practice at The Garage

The GInI AInMB has been my go-to resource for nearly every innovation program, training course, and consulting opportunity.


Fadi Rabie

Service Excellence Executive Manager at Jordan Commercial Bank

GInI's programs are so helpful because they don't tie you down to a single approach but rather provide a firm foundation across a broad array of techniques.


Greg Satell

Author of Mapping Innovation & Cascades

GInI’s certifications give you the tools, templates, and guidance to become truly successful in a world where innovation is increasingly important.


Holly Green

Board of Directors at The Warrior Connection

GInI’s certifications have helped me understand the creativity and innovation concepts and gain a deep knowledge about the various areas in innovation.


Khalid Al Hosani

Trainer in Innovation and Change Management

My partnership with GInI has made me better, faster, and stronger as an active innovation leader, professional, and practitioner.


Marc Kolp

Director at UMBC Training Centers

GInI AInMB is a global reference for ambitious individuals who seek to improve their knowledge and skills in innovation thinking and practice.


Mohammad Habib

Associate Partner at Siegel Human Resource Ltd

Becoming a CDTP has boosted my career and inspired me to launch a startup studio with end-to-end innovation process and problem-solving skills.


Mohammed Alibrahim

Innovation Catalyst at Innovation Nation

I got a new professional track in my career path as an Innovation Ambassador after getting the useful knowledge and tools from the AInMB and becoming a certified innovation assessor and trainer.


Murad Alqasem

Principle Management Consultant, Innovation Ambassador, Excellence and Innovation Assessor & Trainer

As a PhD holder in Innovation Management, I must admit that the GInI AInMB is very insightful and practical. It has significantly helped my career.


Omar alharbi

ISO technical committee member at Ministry of industry and mineral resources

As a PhD holder in Innovation Management, I must admit that the GInI AInMB is very insightful and practical. It has significantly helped my career.


Osama Badandy

Certified Creativity and Innovation Trainer Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

“The GInI AInMB provided me with all the things I needed to know about how to start my profession as an innovation catalyst.”


Osama Badandy

Certified Creativity and Innovation Trainer Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

For me, GInI has been a game changer. Shortly after receiving my GInI certification, I received an award as a Global Thought Leader.


Peter Farrington

Principal Environmental Studies and Research Specialist

After becoming a GInI Certified Design Thinking Professional, I am now able to design the way I lead, manage, create, and innovate.


Rafidah Kasdi

Senior Manager at at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

In a world full of disruption, it’s great to have GInI -a clear beacon- to guide organizations in their innovation efforts.


Ramon Vullings

Speaker at

I regularly use the GInI AInMB to iterate for purposeful, innovation-driven outcomes.


Samuel Broomer

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

GInI’s Certification has allowed me to become a better version of myself – a better innovator, team contributor, empathic customer listener and business leader.


Samuel Broomer

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Attaining the CCInO designation has allowed me to share great processes and models with my clients to help them grow into innovative organizations.


Shona Welsh

Principal Consultant at The Intrapreneur Expert

Attaining the CCInO designation has truly boosted my consulting practice and added significant depth to the knowledge I can share.


Shona Welsh

Principal Consultant at The Intrapreneur Expert

Becoming a CInP has taken me to a new dimension of thinking on a professional and personal level. I have learnt to embrace an innovative mindset.


Soha Radwan

Excellence Assessor& Auditor at Dubai Government

I encourage every professional that is looking to master innovation to have a copy of the GInI AInMB because it contains the tools required to elevate one’s leadership skills.


Suhail Al-Almaee

Executive Director at Tatweer Education Holding Company

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Tarek Naghaway

Managing director the learning curve

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Tarick Odeh

Chief Operating Officer at Odeh Holdings Group

The CCInO certification has helped my firm in gaining substantial market share and has also exponentially grown my personal and professional life.


Tarick Odeh

Chief Operating Officer at Odeh Holdings Group

As an Advisory Board member of GInI, I am very amazed by the amount of huge work which was employed to craft the master book, which by itself a treasure.


Teresa Spangler

Founder & CEO at Plazabridge Group

I have been pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information, processes, and educational content that GInI offers to help innovation companies around the world.


Teresa Spangler

Founder & CEO at Plazabridge Group

I cannot elaborate enough on how the AInMB is crammed with applicable processes, tools, and knowledge in the field of innovation.


Teresa Spangler

Founder & CEO at Plazabridge Group

Leveraging the GInI Innovation Models has accelerated my ability to create business value through marketing and innovation for the leaders and organizations I serve.


Tracy Paddock Beam

CEO & Chief Transformation Officer at Strategic Transformation Partners

“I have achieved a personal and professional transformation after obtaining the professional certificates provided by GInI.


Wahed Alqahtani

Innovation Advocate at Innovation Nation

The professional certificates provided by GInI have helped me see and apply innovation with a deeper, detailed and interconnected perspective.


Wahed Alqahtani

Innovation Advocate at Innovation Nation