GInI Certification Program

A core element of GInI’s mission is the operation of the world’s foremost certification program for business innovation. Accordingly, the Institute has developed and operates the world’s most comprehensive and professionally-managed evidence-based innovation certification program for both individuals and Businesses.

At the center of this is GInI’s professional credentialing examination development process. This process has sought to align with all certification industry best practices, such as those found in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. As a result, GInI’s processes – and the certifications that results from them – stand head and shoulders above any other credentialing program anywhere in the world in the field of business innovation.

GInI’s certifications for professionals are – in keeping with industry best practices – all based on the use of a Role Delineation Study (RDS). This is a leading best practice used by organizations working to offer valid and reliable professional certifications, as it ensures the validity of the certifying exam and thus gives assurance that the exam properly assesses all of the knowledge and skills needed to carry out that role in the real world. GInI credential holders can be confident therefore that their professional credentials have been developed in accordance with industry best practices and are based on the inputs of the practitioners who have established these standards.


The GInI Business Accreditation Program issues six different accreditations, each based on a specific type of assessment. These six accreditations are:


Certified Innovative Organization


Accredited Innovation Lab


Accredited Business Incubator


Accredited Accelerator Program


Accredited Innovation Training Program


Innovation Endorsement

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