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GInI has taught you all about Innovation. Now it’s time for your organization to truly engage its workforce in bringing their new ideas and passions to life!

To do that, your organization needs a very well-thought-out and highly-considered Innovation Lab or Space for its workforce to use – one that offers them all of the amenities and resources they need to be effective at Innovation – as well as that creates an environment for them conducive to imagination, creativity, free-thinking, and market-connectedness.

Indeed, physical spaces are increasingly understood as the catalysts that give rise to new ways of seeing and thinking. They inspire new perspectives, and open up our mental pathways to see new possibilities. Consequently, the built environment into which you immerse your innovators will have a profound impact on their psychological tendency – and their practical ability – to collaborate and innovate together with each other. Very important is how they channel the flow of both activity and energy in a way that guides your people successfully through the innovation conceptualization, research, understanding, justification, evaluation, execution, and launch processes. Very few understand this powerful element of their design.

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Enter the GInI-UMI Innovation Lab Design Partnership.

To start, GInI will create for your organization a detailed conceptual design that lays out for you precisely what your organization needs in terms of a customized Innovation Lab or Space that meets the unique needs of your organization and its Innovation Program. GInI has designed countless such labs and spaces for organizations all over the world. Each one takes into consideration the key factors and parameters needed to maximize that organization’s innovation effectiveness. GInI can do the same for your organization.

For a partial glimpse into GInI’s secrets for high-energy, high-performance Innovation Spaces, read the blog article “The Secret to High Energy Innovation Spaces” by GInI’s Executive Director, Anthony Mills – found at The Secret to High Energy Innovation Spaces


Beyond designing and building your Innovation Lab or Space, GInI and UMI also work together to ensure your new lab or space is ‘GInI-AInL-Accreditation-Ready’. This means that once your organization starts using it effectively and productively, it will have already been set up to achieve GInI Accredited Innovation Lab (AInL®) accreditation status, making achieving that accreditation a very straightforward process for your organization.


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