The Unleashing Genius Program

Program Overview

The Unleashing Genius Program is a fast-paced 12-week / 12-module on-demand video-based training program is designed to introduce you and your organization to world-class practices in strategic and corporate innovation. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to eitherset up and operate your own innovation program or support and participate in this type of program.

Individuals who complete this program will not only gain invaluable insights and expertise but will also be awarded 15 Innovation Development Units (IDUs) towards renewing their GInI certifications.

What You'll Learn

In this program, you will gain essential knowledge and skills to:

  1. Start a Corporate Innovation Program within your organization.
  2. Structure your program for maximum impact.
  3. Secure stakeholder support and buy-in for your program.
  4. Cultivate a culture of innovation within your organization.
  5. Create and use an Innovation Strategy to guide your organization's innovation agenda.
  6. Engage your organization using the Innovation Management process.
  7. Identify and justify the most promising opportunities for innovation.
  8. Generate innovative concepts for both core and non-core business areas.
  9. Deploy and scale up new innovations for maximum impact.
  10. Harness Strategic Foresight and Strategic Futuring practices to shape and own your organization's future.

Program Curriculum

Welcome to the Program - Unleashing Genius: Activating High-Impact Innovation In Your Organization

  • Foundations of Corporate Innovation
  • Leadership, Culture, & Stakeholder Engagement in Corporate Innovation
  • Empowering Innovation Within & Beyond Our Enterprise
  • Empowering Our Workforce For Innovation
  • Developing and Pursuing Innovation Strategies
  • Innovation Management & The Innovation Process: How They Work
  • Exploring Our Opportunity Space: Finding Unmet Needs to Address
  • Human Centered Design: Philosophy, Practices, & Methods
  • The Ideation Process: Stimulating High-Impact Ideas
  • Exploring Our Solution Space
  • Advanced Innovation Practices
  • Leveraging Strategic Foresight and Futuring for Innovation
  • Program Wrap Up

Meet the Instructors

Train Your Team

At GInI, we recognize the collaborative and team-based nature of innovation, and creativity. If you're seeking to enhance collaboration and team enrichment, our team program is the perfect fit. In addition to the video course set, your team will benefit from exclusive monthly master-mind sessions led by two of our expert Instructors. These intimate sessions allow your team to address their unique questions and gain valuable insights from rotating Instructors each month.