GInI Innovation Challenge Center


Collaborate with top innovators and tech scouts to supercharge your deal flow!

Innovation Challenges are not just one-time events. Through our partnership’s 25+ years of experience running 600+ challenges for organizations like Cisco, LG, and The U.S. Department of Energy, we’ve found that innovation challenges stimulate creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving among individuals and teams. These challenges serve to identify and develop breakthrough technologies and solutions to pressing environmental, social, educational, healthcare, and operational problems.

Systemic obstacles

Through our partnership’s years of experience, we’ve discovered countless missed growth opportunities by organizations scouting for technology innovation. Why?

Limited reach & scale

Many organizations scouting for technology innovation face the challenge of limited reach and scale. This constraint prevents them from tapping into the diverse global talent pools they need to access groundbreaking new ideas. Consequently, they run the risk of missing crucial growth opportunities and falling behind in an ever-evolving competitive landscape.

Reliance on traditional sources

Organizations often rely on traditional sources of innovation – such as internal R&D departments, established industry partners, and well-known innovation hubs. This approach can inadvertently limit their exposure to fresh perspectives, unconventional solutions, and emerging technologies. By focusing solely on familiar channels, organizations often struggle to discover the truly disruptive ideas they need to maintain a competitive edge.

Time spent vetting & analyzing

Scouting for technology innovation often involves a significant investment of time and resources spent analyzing and evaluating different options. This process can be very lengthy and costly, hindering the organization's ability to identify and implement viable solutions quickly. Moreover, the exhaustive nature of such vetting and analyzing can divert valuable resources away from other strategic initiatives, thus impeding the organization’s overall growth and progress.


Our special partnership offers a membership model that unlocks access to its network of 10,000 technology scouts and emerging entrepreneurs.

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to sponsor turnkey Innovation Challenges® throughout the year, and in so doing leverage our network of experts to discover new solutions capable of driving growth and creating a competitive advantage for your organization.

Our membership model is designed to help you stay at the forefront of innovation and thereby drive growth for your organization. Creating a better future for all begins with working together to solve the world's largest and most pressing problems.

Join our Innovation Challenge® membership today and take the first step toward driving growth and innovation for your organization!


Turnkey program

Our membership offers comprehensive, ready-to-use innovation challenges that significantly streamline the process of discovering and implementing breakthrough solutions. With customizable options, these programs can be tailored to your specific objectives, saving you time and resources while maximizing results.

Expert vetting and analytics

You will be able to leverage our network of experts, who will meticulously vet and evaluate submitted ideas – ensuring that only the most promising and innovative solutions are considered. Our advanced analytics process allows for data-driven decision-making, optimizing the success and impact of your innovation initiatives.

Global brand exposure and audience

As a member, your organization will gain access to a global platform that amplifies your brand visibility and reach. You will be able to engage with a diverse and extensive audience – including industry leaders, top talent, and potential partners – thus fostering valuable connections and collaboration opportunities.

Rich data and storytelling

You will benefit from our comprehensive data collection and analysis, providing you with fresh insights into innovation trends and emerging technologies. Furthermore, we help you craft compelling narratives that showcase your organization’s commitment to innovation, thus fostering a positive brand image and building credibility in your industry.

Built-in prize pool

Our membership program includes a built-in prize pool, incentivizing participants to submit high-quality and innovative ideas. This allows you to attract top talent and to motivate them to contribute their best work, thus ensuring a high level of engagement and a strong pipeline of potential solutions for your business challenges.

GInI Innovation Challenge is a global partnership between Global Innovation Institute and Skild (Los Angeles, CA, USA).