GInI Code of Values & Innovators Oath

GInI Code of Values and Professional Practice

GInI has developed its Code of Values and Professional Practice to promote and maintain the most appropriate standards of performance and conduct. These apply to all individuals and organizations recognized and certified to hold GInI certification marks.

Global Innovation Institute is defined by the following set of values and practices:

  1. To promote the use of innovation for making the world a better place – more sustainable, more prosperous, and more egalitarian.
  2. To promote cultural agility in organizations, including workplace humanization and balanced stakeholder interests.
  3. To promote a spirit of constant renewal in organizations.
  4. To promote environments that encourage free and open exchange of ideas.
  5. To promote market acuity and organizational velocity in business organizations, especially rapid, intelligent experimentation.
  6. To promote new forms of employee engagement, skill development, and career progression.
  7. To promote the persistent creation of new value through Innovation and its supporting business activities.
  8. To promote good practice around discovery, insights, use of imagination and creativity, and the work needed to bring new innovations to life.
  9. To celebrate diversity and global understanding, and the role these play in achieving innovation.
  10. To behave justly, honestly, and with full respect, recognizing that the best innovations are the fruit of a democratic process.

GInI Innovator's Oath

The GInI Innovator's Oath is a tangible statement of one's commitment to innovation, and to infusing a sense of purpose and mission around innovation into their everyday work.

I do hereby solemnly pledge to commit myself to the cause of innovation in all my endeavors both professional and personal.

From henceforth on, I will strive to endow my work with the sense of purpose and mission that come only from pursuing innovation, and will exercise the curiosity, exploration, and focused determination needed to deliver radical new value that moves our world forward and makes it a better place.