Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership offers business organizations the resources they need to continuously improve their innovation capabilities by focusing on their culture, leadership, workers, processes, and enablers.

Corporate members receive the following benefits across their organizations:

  • Full access to the GInI Community Portal.
  • Full access to GInI’s proprietary knowledgebase.
  • Discounts on events sponsored or co-sponsored by GInI.
  • The opportunity to forge a relationship with GInI to help further their organization’s innovation practices.
  • The opportunity to network with other like-minded organizations globally.
  • Support for the ongoing development of their Innovation Professionals.
  • Other important and exclusive member benefits.

Organizational engagement is critical to making GInI’s innovation community healthy and robust. As members of GInI’s Global Corporate Innovation Council, these organizations serve as valued contributors to the evolving practice of Applied Business Innovation. For Corporate Membership inquiries, please contact GInI at