This award is open to any individual who currently serves, or has recently served, in the role of Chief Innovation, Chief Strategy, Chief Technology, or Chief R&D Officer – and who has met the awards’ criteria by having led their organization in achieving outstanding innovation accomplishments over the preceding year.

This award is open to any individual, anywhere in the world, without regard for other attributes of the individual.

To qualify for the Distinguished Chief Innovation Officer Award:

  1. The individual must have:
    1. served as the primary leader of some unit of their organization tasked with developing and delivering advanced innovation, strategy, and/or technology initiatives;
    2. led their organization in the development and launch of several major successful innovation initiatives over the preceding two+ years, culminating in two or more substantial achievements during the most recent preceding year;
    3. done the above through a formally defined and structured innovation process, methodology, and/or approach.
  2. The achievements profiled must have:
    1. had a significantly measurable impact on both the organization and its markets;

in each case, met or exceeded its original objectives and targeted levels of impact. Each of the above must be attested by the applicant.

Anyone can nominate an individual for a Distinguished Chief Innovation Officer GDI Award – including self-nomination.

Distinguished Chief Innovation Officer Application details:

  1. The name and contact information of the individual being nominated.
  2. The name and location of the organization this individual is associated with.
  3. The nature of the organization this individual is associated with (sector / industry / markets / offerings).
  4. The specific role this individual has played in the organization over the preceding two (2) years – including the following:

    their title, their role’s duties in the organization, an explanation of the ways in which their leadership in the organization has been exceptional and distinguished during that period of time.

  5. A summary overview of the different innovation, strategy, and/or technology initiatives they have led over the preceding two years, including a ranking of which of those have been most impactful to the organization and its markets.
  6. A detailed profile of at least two (2) major innovation, strategy, and/or technology achievements the individual has been responsible for delivering during the most recent preceding year.
  7. A thorough explanation of the measurable positive external impacts these achievements have produced – together with affirmation that they have each met or exceeded their originally-established objectives and forecasted levels of impact, including the percentage by which they have done so.
  8. An explanation of the defined process, methodology, and/or approach this individual has led their organization in applying for the conception, definition, design, development, validation, launch, and scaling of these initiatives.
  9. The applicant’s name and contact information.
  10. The applicant’s and a witness’ affirmation of the accuracy of the information provided herein.