The GDI Awards’ Innovation Category is open to any new innovation that has met the award’s criteria by having been launched in the preceding five (5) years and having demonstrated a significant positive impact on society or on the affected industries and markets. Each year, one award is awarded to an innovation in the Public sector, and one award is awarded to an innovation in the public sector.

This award can be awarded to any innovation, regardless of the individual(s) or organization(s) associated with it, and without regard for any other attribute of those individual(s) or organization(s).

To qualify for the Distinguished Innovation by a Public Sector Organization Award:

The innovation must be able to demonstrate a significant positive impact – as measured by the relevant criteria established by its launching individual(s) or organization(s).

The innovation must be the product of a defined innovation process spanning its conception, definition, design, development, validation, launch, and scaling.

Each of the above must be attested by the applicant.

Anyone can nominate an innovation for an Innovation GDI Award – including self-nomination by its originators.

The GDI Innovation Award Nomination Application contains eight (8) parts:

  1. The name and general description of the innovation being nominated.
  2. The name and nature of the organization that conceived, developed, and launched this innovation.
  3. The name and contact information of this organization’s designated representative for the purposes of this application.
  4. The names of all the individuals who played a major role in conceiving, defining, designing, developing, validating, launching, and/or scaling this innovation.
  5. A detailed explanation of the positive impact this innovation has produced – including the specific criteria used to measure that impact and the outcomes of those measurements.
  6. A detailed explanation of the innovation process used to conceive, define, design, develop, validate, launch, and scale this innovation – together with an explanation of how that process is used in the organization to operate a consistent pipeline of innovation capable of producing a reliable and steady stream of new innovations each year.
  7. The applicant’s name and contact information.
  8. The applicant’s and a witness’ affirmation of the accuracy of the information provided herein.