The GDI Award's Individual Category is open to any individual who has met the award's criteria by making an outstanding contribution to bringing to life one or more new innovations over the past two(2) years. Multiple Individual Awards are awarded each year, the final number being established by GInI based on the quantity and caliber of applications received.

This award is open to any individual, anywhere in the world, without regard for other attributes of that individual.

To qualify for the Distinguished Innovator Award

  • The individual must have:
    1. played a significant leadership or executional role in the conception, development, and launch of at least one (1) positively impactful new innovation over the preceding two (2) years - working to drive that innovation through its successive stages of conception, definition, design, development, validation, launch, and scaling.
    2. done the above through a defined process, methodology, and/or approach to innovation.
  • The innovation(s) profiled must have:
    1. had a measurably external impact beyond the individual and their organization alone.
    2. met or exceeded their originally-established objectives and forecasted levels of impact.

Each of the above must be attested by the applicant.

Anyone can nominate an individual for an Individual GDI Award - including self-nomination by the individual.

The GDI Individual Award Nomination Application contains nine (9) parts:

  1. The name and contact information of the nominated individual.
  2. The name and location of the organization this individual is associated with.
  3. The nature of the organization this individual is associated with (sector / industry / markets / offerings).
  4. A detailed profile of at least one (1) new innovation this individual has played a significant role in conceiving, defining, designing, developing, validating, launching, and/or scaling.
  5. The role this individual played in the context of this innovation(s), and an explanation of the ways in which their actions have represented exemplary and outstanding efforts in the service of that innovation(s).
  6. A thorough explanation of the measurable positive external impact this innovation(s) has produced - together with affirmation that It has met or exceeded its originally-established objectives and forecasted levels of impact, including the percentage by which it has done so.
  7. An explanation of the defined innovation process, methodology, and/or approach this individual and organization have employed for the conception, definition, design, development, validation, launch, and scaling of this innovation(s).
  8. The applicant's name and contact information.
  9. The applicant's and a witness' affirmation of the accuracy of the information provided herein.