The GDI Awards’ Organizational Category is open to any business organization that has met the award’s criteria by making an outstanding contribution to bringing to life multiple new innovations in a consistent, year-after-year manner. Each year, one award is awarded to an organization in the private sector, and one award is awarded to an organization in the public sector.

This award is open to all legally-registered business organizations, regardless of their type, size, industry, location, or other attribute.

To qualify for the Distinguished Public Sector Organization Award:

  • The organization must be able to:
    1. demonstrate the sustained launch of a series of positively impactful innovations – as evidenced by the launch of at least three (3) positively impactful innovations over the preceding five (5) years.
    2. describe a defined program by which it has consistently conceived, defined, designed, developed, validated, launched, and scaled each of these innovations – thus affirming its ability and commitment to continuing to doing so.
  • The innovations profiled must have:
    1. had a measurably positive impact outside of the organization itself.
    2. met or exceeded its original-established objectives and forecasted levels of impact.

Each of the above must be attested by the applicant.

Anyone can nominate an organization for an Organizational GDI Award – including self-nomination.

The GDI Organizational Award Nomination Application contains eight (8) parts:

  1. The name and location of the nominated organization.
  2. The nature of this organization (sector / industry / markets / offerings).
  3. The name and contact information of this organization's designated representative for the purposes of this application.
  4. A detailed profile of at least three (3) positively-impactful innovations this organization has launched in the preceding five (5) years - including, in each case, a detailed explanation of the positive impact those innovations have produced outside the organization.
  5. Affirmation that each of these new innovations have met or exceeded their originally-established objectives and forecasted levels of positive impact, including the percentage by which they have done so.
  6. A detailed explanation of the program employed within the organization for operating a consistent pipeline of innovation that is capable of producing a reliable and steady stream of new innovations each year.
  7. The applicant’s name and contact information.
  8. The applicant’s and a witness’ affirmation of the accuracy of the information provided herein.