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GInI has taught you all about Innovation. Consequently, your organization is now producing lots of new innovation – including new concepts and their corresponding intellectual property (IP) assets.

And… you want to protect your organization’s ability to use those new concepts and their assets, but pouring hundreds of thousands, or even millions, into wrapping them all up into new patents, trademarks, and copyrights simply isn’t feasible.

What you need is a way to instantaneously protect all of your organization’s intellectual property assets – in a manner that is secure and fully defensible as correctly documented prior art. Having that will give you the confidence and assurance that your organization has the freedom-to-operate it needs to move forward with its new innovations and never have to worry about being locked out of using them by others – including by nefarious patent trolls around the world.

Well that way exists. Enter the GInI Asset Chain.



The GInI Asset Chain is a blockchain-based IP platform designed for use by your entire organization. It allows everyone in your organization to instantaneously log any and all documentation around their new innovations – no matter what stage it happens to be at – and have those entries logged as secure, time-stamped, blockchain-tagged intellectual property assets.

By letting them do this, Asset Chain protects your organization’s intellectual property as they manage it – every single day, day-in and day-out. Every asset added to the platform is instantly timestamped using the world's most powerful blockchain technology, forging an indisputable record that significantly reduces your future legal risks and drives tremendous business value for your organization.

This means your organization no longer has to incur extensive legal fees to file patents and trademarks where doing so adds little or no value, leaving it free to focus its budgets on those few assets that do warrant filing – while still giving it the legally-defensible, time-stamped blockchain entries needed to be able to defend its work against others’ claim. This lets the organization laser focus its offensive IP strategies far more tightly, while taking a defensive IP strategy for all other assets.

The end result? Your organization ends up saving a lot of money and everyone in your organization – including yourself – sleeps a lot better at night knowing that your organization’s innovation work is protected, and the organization cannot be blocked from profiting from its innovation work in the future.


Using the GInI Asset Chain, users can secure any idea in only a few clicks. They simply select one or more files that describe the idea and Asset Chain handles the rest. It’s that simple.


GInI Asset Chain features a single intuitive web-based user interface that integrates easily into your internal IP process, letting your business seamlessly capture, review, and manage all of its innovation work across the entire organization. From Day 1 you will significantly streamline your early-stage IP efforts.

Moreover, Asset Chain’s executive dashboards empower your leaders to develop a truly data-driven IP strategy. It does this by giving them the granular intelligence they need to track productivity, visualize project history, drive team engagement, and optimize best practices for maximizing value capture.

We’d like to introduce you – by way of our latest whitepaper – to GInI AssetChain, our revolutionary digital platform for managing and protecting your intellectual property. AssetChain is instant, transparent, immutable, easy-to-use, and best of all, very cost effective.


GInI Asset Chain was built by industry veterans having decades of legal and technical IP experience – including former USPTO patent examiners. The platform’s basis has extensively validation.


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Access to the GInI Asset Chain Platform is provided on a monthly subscription basis, with pricing based on the number of users in your organization. The GInI Asset Chain Platform has pricing plans for every organization size.

The following are the pricing plans:


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