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Albert Duoibes

President & CEO – Nuvive (US)

Albert is an executive, entrepreneur, and inventor with several US patents in the field the food technology, sweeteners, pet health, and sustainability. He is highly skilled in abstract thinking and problem solving.

As an entrepreneur for nearly three decades, Albert has launched several successful new business ventures. For the past ten years, he has focused on the health and wellness industry through new innovation, product development, and building a sustainable supply chain.

His experiences in innovation and life science technologies, paired with that of launching new business ventures, has brought him a practical understanding of the innovation lifecycle and a deep knowledge of how to successfully implement new innovation.

“Successful innovation comes from practical implementation plans and precision execution. That starts at the point of conception. Not all innovations have a good business application. Sometimes innovation comes from understanding limitations, and thus the purpose, or need, for new innovation in the first place, after which one can determine the business opportunity or advantage that an innovation may offer, which implies solving that problem or limitation. Does your innovation do that?”