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Dr. Marc Sniukas

Senior Advisor (LU)

Dr. Marc Sniukas is an author and advisor delivering growth, innovation, and transformation. He works with leadership teams on strategic growth transformation, building new businesses, and strengthening strategic innovation capabilities through new ways of working, which combine the experimental nature of start-ups with the operational excellence of corporations. Marc is currently a senior advisor at Deloitte, where he was Director Innovation for several years.

As the author of The Art of Opportunity (Wiley 2016) on how to design and execute new growth strategies and ventures through strategic innovation, he is a sought after speaker and advisor on the topics of growth and strategic innovation in established organisations.

Marc holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Alliance Manchester Business School, where he led research on how established companies innovate and transform their business models, and a MSc in social sciences and economics from the Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU-Wien).