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Dr. Justin James Kennedy

Author | Executive Coach | Psychologist | Leadership Coach | Career Coach | Public Speaking Coach | TEDx Speaker (CH)

Dr. J.J. Kennedy is a thought leader in behavioral neuroscience. He recently authored the book Brain Reboot: A Change of Mind Will Change Your Brain.

As a researcher in the organizational context, he integrates innovation practice and behavioural neuroscience into real world issues. He designs new tools that facilitate professional development toward innovative organizational change.

His work is based on brain data to ensure medicaly measurable results in his clinical, academic, and corporate work. His coaching helps people sustain wellness by developing neurospsychological and behavioural tools.

He is a Swiss Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience and runs an online executive coaching practice, specialised in burnout and crisis management, inspiring people to sustain peak performance in times of change:

His website is: