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Dr. Larry Schmitt

Innovation Partner – L Marks (US)

Larry is an innovation partner with L Marks, a provider of strategic innovation consulting services. Since co-founding The Inovo Group (purchased by L Marks) in 2001, Larry has led their growth to become a successful, recognized leader in the field of innovation.

Larry draws upon years of experience in both large corporations and startups that wrestled with how to innovate. He has worked closely with Inovo’s clients including Cargill, Dow Chemical, Honeywell, Corning, United Health Group, ExxonMobil, Saint-Gobain, and DuPont, among many others, all of whom draw upon the frameworks, methods, and tools he and others at Inovo have developed over the years to improve strategic innovation portfolios and capabilities.

Larry regularly writes and speaks on innovation and related topics. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin and a BS from the University of Michigan.

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