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Finbar O’Hanlon

Co-Founder of APAC Innovation Institute (AU)

Finbar O'Hanlon is a visionary innovator and entrepreneur known for his groundbreaking contributions. With expertise in digital transformation, human capability, and strategic advisory, he drives success in diverse industries.

As an inventor, CEO, and seasoned entrepreneur, Finbar turns ideas into marketable solutions, with a proven track record from concept to IPO. His coaching and facilitation skills empower teams to execute strategic visions and thrive in disruptive environments.

With 16 patents in Ai, crypto and Audio Visual-related technologies, Finbar’s inventions revolutionize the value that content delivers from application, to content production and distribution. As a certified Chief Innovation Officer and founder of APAC Innovation Institute a GInI ATP, Finbar provides unique bespoke luxury Applied Innovation Training experiences for leaders in the Australian Marketplace.

Beyond his professional achievements, Finbar's musical talent enriches his innovative mindset. Collaborating with world renowned artists and composing for film and television, he brings artistic flair to his endeavors.

In summary, Finbar O'Hanlon's visionary thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise in innovation and music make him an influential force. His transformative mindset and remarkable contributions continue to captivate, inspire, and shape the future.