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Ramon Vullings

Speaker | Cross Industry Expert | IdeaDJ (NL)

Ramon Vullings is a cross-industry innovation expert, author, speaker, and ideaDJ.

Ramon speaks about bringing the outside world in and why the remixing of ideas cross-sector is a smart strategy. Ramon helps business leaders with strategies, tools, and skills to look beyond the borders of their domain to transform their business in a digital and smarter way.

Our society faces a number of major challenges. Many of them are complex, also called "wicked problems". To solve them, cross-over cooperation between silos and sectors is crucial. Designing these collaborations and finding new solutions needs a new discipline: cross-industry innovation. Ramon Vullings is a cross-industry expert. He engages with clients via his research, projects, and keynote presentations.

Ramon’s latest book "Not Invented Here: Cross-industry Innovation" became a management best-seller with over 50.000 copies sold and translations into 5 languages.

Ramon serves as a senior advisor to NASA's Cross Industry Innovation Summits and also advises on both content and flow of many other cross-over initiatives.