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Steve Wells

Director of Insights - Legacy Innovation Group (US)

Steve serves as the Director of Insights at the international strategic innovation consulting firm Legacy Innovation Group.

Steve is a seasoned Market Strategist and has worked in this field for many years inside of Fortune 500 businesses. His work has focused on large-scale market forces, their impact on consumers, and the implications for future strategies. Through this work, Steve has been instrumental in shaping the course of market insights, corporate and brand strategies, product innovations, and sales strategies.

Steve has pursued his passion for understanding how cultural and market changes impact business. As an internal consultant for two Fortune 500 companies, he kept an eye on a wide range of business drivers from the economy to social trends to technologies and everything in between. He was able to identify key shifts the company leveraged to develop products that were right for their customers at the time, which maximized their market success.

Having participated in countless innovation sessions, product and brand development projects, and strategic planning sessions has given Steve a unique perspective on the needs of business and an ability to see how they can identify and act on market opportunities. Steve is a deeply associative thinker – constantly connecting dots to reveal new patterns that businesses leverage for strategic value. He uses this skill, together with his many insights and experiences, to lead clients toward broad market opportunities and clear paths of action. Steve has led countless innovation workshops with Fortune 500 clients that have produced numerous high-impact opportunities.

Steve also holds certification in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston (Houston, TX) – one of only four schools in the world to offer this certification. This has reinforced Steve's ability to conduct deeply insightful PESTLE Analysis and Scenario Planning work.