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GInI KSA Chapter Launches
  • GInI KSA Chapter Launches
Project Description

GInI is pleased to announce the launch of its KSA Chapter, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This chapter brings together a wide array of like-minded leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts from across the spectrum of organizations, both private and public sector, to network, hear speakers, and share news and insights about innovation in KSA – as well as about GInI’s programs as they continue spreading across Saudi Arabia.  The chapter had its inaugural event in February 2022 where Anthony Mills, Executive Director of GInI in the US, was present and delivered an inspiring talk about “our tribe of innovators” and the history presently being made in KSA by this group.  The chapter meets regularly to hosts speakers and other events, most of which take place at BIAC, a leading technology incubator in Riyadh.  To learn more about this chapter, or to join it, visit its website at

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  • Date 16 May 2022
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