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Human Capability – The Pathway to Accelerating Innovation - with Finbar O'Hanlon
  • GInI Webinar - Human Capability – The Pathway To Accelerating Innovation - With Finbar O'Hanlon
Project Description

Innovation. To many it’s a scary word… something misunderstood… something that adds risk and cost… something that only creative types do… a token checkbox that allows shareholders to believe a company has a handle on its future, whilst it measures it’s past.
As Innovation Professionals, we all know the challenges involved in getting people and organizations who don’t understand Innovation aligned to driving Applied Innovation throughout their organization.
It can be a frustrating journey.
So how do we remove these challenges?  How do we innovate the acceptance – and acceleration – of Innovation?
In this webinar, Finbar O’Hanlon will discuss the challenges he’s faced in bringing GInI and Applied Innovation to the Australian market – and how his work with the Australian Human Capability Standards is providing a new pathway to unlocking the acceptance and acceleration of Innovation.

Webinar video recording:

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  • Date 01 Sep 2022
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