The Innovative Leader – Lessons Learned From The World's Top 50 Innovators

The Innovative Leader – Lessons Learned From The World's Top 50 Innovators

What makes a leader innovative?  How do they empower their organizations to innovate?  The path to this success can be straightforward and surefire – and through a disciplined approach, you too can strengthen your own and your organization’s innovation muscles.

Join us as we host Stephen Wunker, Managing Director of New Markets Advisors, in answering these pressing questions.  Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Panera’s Ron Shaich, and Levi’s Chip Bergh are just a few of the 50 Top Innovators who’ve shared their insights with Stephen.  He’ll bring you their wisdom in a step-by-step approach for making giant leaps in innovation performance.

This all starts with the individual – how can you, as an individual, become consistently more innovative?  Then it extends to the enterprise – how can you create the right aspirations, mechanisms, and culture to make innovation happen over-and-over again there?

The secrets of these Innovators will show us the concrete moves that you too can make to create a short-term impact and a long-term change in your own organization.

Mr.Stephen Wunker – Managing Director of New Markets Advisors.

Led development of one of the world's first smartphones and has advised leading companies on growth and innovation since 2004. He has a long track record of creating successful ventures for his own companies and on behalf of clients. He is also a frequent speaker and writer on how people and companies can be innovative leaders.

His books include Capturing New Markets, Jobs to be Done, Costovation, and The Innovative Leader. 

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