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Why GInI

Why GInI?

There are countless sources that individuals and organizations can turn to in their quest for knowledge and insight – not to mention professional certification and business accreditation – in the field of Innovation. These range from universities, to consultancies, to professional societies, to any number of accreditation bodies. However, if one looks truly deeply into their respective curricula – examining them critically – what they will discover is that these curricula generally fall into one of two groups – either practical and applied, or else academic. In addition, they will also find that inside these two groups, the caliber of the curriculum will likewise vary – in some cases significantly.


When one does this, what they will discover is that:


No other party in the world has content or programs that even begin to approach those of GInI.


Global Innovation Institute stands alone. It is in a category unto itself – head and shoulders above all others.


Welcome to the new world of Innovation. Welcome to GInI.